Long Distance Coach

Phillip Brown

Long Distance Coach

Mark Gallant

Mark was top ten each year in primary grades and top 5 in a hand full of city finals for cross country and track and field events and was his school athlete of the year in senior year. His practice routine was self driven and daily running short and long distance with his family timing him. A baseball injury to his knees sidelined his running until his late 30’s where he started recreational 5K running. Mark is top tenner on his age group in events like 5K, 10K and Tough Mudder/Obstacle races and an active baseball team coach.

Mark’s coaching philosophy is to help with self-motivation and inner self-talk to build confidence in athletes to visualize the path to improvement, with key focus on repetition, reaching just beyond, building distance each week and basic technical running form.

Sprint Coach

Dale Christo

Dale is a highly motivated individual who prides himself on youth development in the community. Dale has several years of experience coaching youth soccer in various cities in the Halton region.

A dedicated volunteer, Dale has also served on the House League Committee of Milton’s local soccer club, and provided various free development clinics for kids throughout the summer. Dale looks forward to bringing his leadership and motivational skills from the soccer field to the track!

Dale’s coaching philosophy is to develop self-confidence, focus and discipline in our youth.

Sprint & Long Jump Coach

Bright Danny Oduro-Benefo

Danny started competing since 8 years old. As an avid indoor and outdoor athlete, Danny competed with great success at the ROPSSAA, OFSAA and track club levels on both indoor and outdoor. Danny’s specialty includes his very own successful competition experience in the 50m, 60m, 100m, 200m and Long Jump. Danny is excited to share his fortune of knowledge to whoever is looking to take their sprinting passion in track and field to next level.

Danny’s coaching philosophy is ‘Trust the process.’

Sprint, Long Jump & High Jump Coach

Denise Green-Christo

Denise is a full-time working Mom to 2 kids. She believes full heartedly in keeping them active and busy in positive environments such as sports. She brings with her, knowledge of competition and technique along with great encouragement for the kids. Denise grew up participating and training in Track and Field events including 100m, 200m, 4×100 Relay, Long Jump and High Jump.

Denise’s coaching philosophy for an athlete’s growth is not only physical strength but development of mental strength and strategy as well. You’ll find Denise on the track training your kids or on the sidelines cheering them on.

Hurdles, Strengthening & Stretching Coach

Jamila Jones

Jamila is a dedicated and determined educator and mother of two. Active since age five, she excelled in gymnastics, competitive dance, and soccer. She also competed in 50m and 100m events as part of her high school’s track team.

Jamila values nutrition and fitness, and believes in a holistic approach to healing the body and treating ailments. She believes mental wellness is just as important as physical wellness.

She enjoys being active and encourages her students and children to be active as well. She strives to model, inspire, and promote active minds and bodies.

Jamila’s focus is to increase strength and flexibility and prevent injuries. She aims to develop youth so they can reach their maximum potential and encourage them to go further than they ever thought they could.

Sprint Coach

Andre Foster

Long Distance Coach

Ilsa Williams

Sprint Coach

Murtuza Diwan

Murtuza has a background of  competing in track and field events in grade school and is focused on endurance building. He is energetic and his positive attitude is infectious.

Murtuza believes in strengthening the athletes’ capabilities, focussing on sprint events and simultaneously aiming to extend that discipline into the athletes’ everyday lives. When Murtuza is not coaching, he enjoys sport walking at a moderate speed in the evenings and is an avid traveler.